Sunday, December 20, 2009

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

I haven't cooked in two months. I mean, I have reheated some things, but I haven't made something in months. I just got a new job, and have found myself professionally inspired for the first time in years. Which has somehow dramatically reduced my need to be personally inspired. Since my primary creative outlet all these years has been food- well, there has been alot of pizza and sushi recently.

Of course thats the reflective artist explanation. The other, more common reasoning (and the one I think most people resort to, but I kinda think is bullshit) is that I haven't had time. Working a ton to get ready for a China visit, and then traveling, leaves little space for shopping and cooking. Why is this bullshit? Because I have made cookies at 2am when I have been busier. Its no different that people who (quite mind-blowingly from my perspective) claim working out helps them burn off stress, get a grip on life, etc., and looking judgingly at the rest of us who prefer root-canals to long runs through the park in Dec.

I think I, like many people, have a bad tendency to claim that I don't have time to do things, when what I really mean is that I don't have enough passion to do them. Now I don't think this means I should suck it up and do them anyway. I just think it means that we as a society are pretty crappy at knowing how busy we really are, and, even more dangerous, knowing how we really feel about the things we undertake.

Well, I am currently waiting out the snow, hoping to get back to DC. Once there, I sure hope the passion comes back. Till then.......