Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Move over England, the Texans are Invading Ireland!

So the title might be a little inflammatory.....but can anyone explain the presence of a 20 intensely Texan rancher looking dudes in Irish Channel today?

Irish Channel is about my favorite pub in Chinatown, not nearly as full of annoying happy-hour crowds as Fado, great bar food (if you are not up for food, Rocket bar is pretty great too, although a bit more full of fratties). So imagine my surprise when, as I gorged myself on a Chicken Quesadilla and Pot Pie (yea, nothing healthy about either of these, but delicious, especially when your earlier meals were some sort of crazy healthy-vegetable-worship nonsense - see http://haochidc.blogspot.com/2009/03/joy-of-fresh-produce-washingtons-green.html), and a whole herd of coyboy-hat-wearing-wrangler-jean-buying-gay-marriage-opposing-hard-workin-stereotype-in-flannel Texans were enjoying a drink right next to me.

Not since the year I spend in glorious San Angelo west Texas, two hours from an interstate and ten times that from cheese not spelled with a 'z' have I been around such a large group of folks wearing coyboy hats unironically. It was great.

It makes me smile to be reminded that all joking aside there are still genuine cultures out there in America, especially since I live in a yuppified, often culturally (in the funny accents and interesting clothing way, not the tiny forks and raised pinky way) lacking eastern seaboard city. DC has lots of international stuff, sure. But sometimes I miss the ethnic neighborhoods of Chicago, and yes, it hurts me to say, the genuinely unique culture of West Texas.

So hooray Irish Channel, and hooray Texas. I had a drink for you. Well, a diet coke. But San Angelo was in a dry county after all......

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